About us

Delhi is city of great learning with a large number of educational institutions making it truly the Oxford of the East. With its salubrious climate, excellent ambience for learning, good connectivity Delhi is much sought after destination for higher education. National Institute of Aeronautical engineering, Research and Management was founded by Dr. Ashutosh Roy at Delhi. The Institute has developed into a leading training Institute with excellent infrastructure in the last few years.

Quality Policy & Objectives

"We are committed to provide high quality education, Training, expertise and enhance the intrinsic abilities of the students and promote their management and technological skills. We are committed to fulfill with the requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality."


India to join and lead the august company of the developed nations in the field of aviation technology and other allied engineering disciplines, through contribution towards development of high quality human resource.


To transform the youth into high caliber professional engineers to meet the challenges of the highly competitive world through intensive training, appropriate guidance, discipline with human values and holistic approach and to utilize the knowledge of Engineering & Technology for the welfare of the society.

Core Values

  • Academic Integrity and Accountability
  • Respect and tolerance for the views of every individual
  • Attention to issues of national relevance as well as of global concern.
  • Holistic understanding, including knowledge of the human sciences.
  • Appreciation of intellectual excellence and creativity.
  • An unfettered spirit of learning exploration, rationality and enterprise.
  • Sensitivity to social responsibilities


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